Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink Made In Australia

Invisible ink when applied to a suitable surface will remain invisible until a UV Light source is used near it.
The colour of this ink is Bluish when it is revealed by a UV Torch
Before use this ink has a translucent Yellow look

Waterproof Invisible Ink
Invisible Ink

Specifications and benefits of using this Ink

  • This ink is Made in Australia and has zero dangerous chemicals.
  • Invisible ink is not flammable for your safety.
  • Only a very thin coat needs to be applied so it’s very economical to use.
  • Dries quickly in most situations.
  • Being water based allows for easy application.
  • Suitable for use as a Invisible Security Ink.

What is this ink used on and what for?

  • Individuals making wall murals.
  • Individuals proposing to their partners.
  • It is used on Props in theatre Productions.
  • Identification of stolen Property.
  • To identify that the correct item has been returned.

Businesses and customers that have used our invisible ink

  • Theatre Productions.
  • A few state government departments.
  • Businesses that need to inspect Individual Product identification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this Ink water or solvent based?
Answer: The ink is water based and unlike solvent based inks it is not flammable.
Question: Do I need a UV torch to see where I am applying this to?
Answer: In most cases you are better off using a UV torch when applying this invisible ink as it will help avoid mistakes.
Question: Can I use an air brush to apply this ink
Answer: Yes you can. Paint brushes can also be used.
Question: Why do you sell only one color of this ink?
Answer: Yes the only colour is Blue. A few years ago we sold a Invisible Pink Security ink but it was extremely expensive to buy and most of our customers were not prepared to pay that price.
Question: Can this be used outside locations?
Answer: YES, but only for very short amounts of time as it is not waterproof.

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  • Waterproof Invisible Ink

    Waterproof Invisible Security Ink

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